Air Freight

Air transportation block


Delivery of cargo from China to Russia is one of the most popular and in demand services in the field of logistics. Air transport allows cargo to be delivered quickly and reliably, providing customers with many advantages.

Delivery from China

One of the main activities of GL TRANS LLC is sending cargo in express mode from any province from the airports of the largest cities in China (Ningbo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Harbin, etc.) at optimal rates. Combines high speed and reliability.

             Delivery from Korea

The company has the ability to deliver cargo on regular flights from Korea through China and direct flights in express mode.

             Domestic transportation within Russia

The wide geography of cargo transportation on domestic flights makes it possible to deliver cargo to any accessible point in the Russian Federation. Among the advantages are high reliability, speed and affordable prices.

International shipping

Transportation from other countries in Europe and Asia is provided by the company upon request.


GL TRANS can offer the following services in the field of air transportation, as well as related ones:

Delivery by charter flights

             Used for transportation of large-sized heavy cargo according to customer projects.

Cargo consolidation

             This service means the collection of goods from several suppliers and their consolidation in our own warehouses in China for subsequent shipment. When using this service, we can guarantee increased control over the safety of cargo.

– Transportation of branded cargo

              Our reliable partners in China are ready to assist in obtaining the required export licenses and all necessary documents for the safe transportation of branded goods

– Cargo insurance

              For additional security when transporting expensive products, GL TRANS can issue an insurance policy at competitive prices upon the client’s order.

– New! Road transportation service TIR airport – airport. The delivery principle is based on the fact that the cargo, as in air delivery, is collected at one of the airports in China, where it is cleared by customs, and then delivered by road to the Moscow airport, where customs clearance of the already arrived cargo subsequently takes place. This service is characterized by high speed, reliability and relatively low prices.

– Forwarding at the airports of Moscow and St. Petersburg

This service means the physical participation of company representatives in inspections and inspections, acceptance of cargo from the temporary storage warehouse, forwarding within the airport, payment for warehouse services and transfer of cargo to drivers for further delivery of the cargo to the customer’s warehouse.

– Delivery to your door

            Collection of cargo from the airport of arrival and delivery to the client’s warehouse in the shortest possible time.